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We see in life, is more of a garbage container, make our life become more clean and tidy and clean, with a number of different environment

We see in life, is more of a garbage container, make our life become more clean and tidy and clean, with a number of different environment, can also practice more sincerely value, clean around us a lot of healthy life, has a significant effect. Widely used in society, effective access to the actual application value. A lot of customers in the application of plastic tray wholesale plastic pallet fading problem, began to worry about the quality of the plastic tray, what reason is this? Plastic tray how can fade? Sun: all plastic products are always exposed to the sun in the application process, speed up the process of brittle plastic, fades, including plastic pallets. Toner: what material is the core of the plastic pallet goods high-pressure polyethylene and polypropylene, the corrosion resistance is poor, and the application of the toner is closely related to the corrosion resistance, resistance to oxidation reduction reaction.
Dye: plastic products reliability of often used in manufacturing dyes, fade level will damage goods. Plastic tray production at the core of the raw materials is HDPP and HDPE, injection processing temperature at around $280, so want to consider wholesale plastic pallet the heat resistance of dye when choosing additive. Quality: plastic tray itself plus too much dirt, applications, often can cause the harm of plastic tray, which can lead to fade.
It is not hard to see, the cause of plastic tray fade is not homogeneous. Open your application is not surprised, associated with the materials of applied to the plastic pallet itself, at the same time to ensure the quality and after-sales service. The quality of the plastic tray is influenced by these factors? Raw material: it is no exaggeration to say that use of the raw materials of plastic tray fit and unfit quality directly affect the overall quality of the plastic tray. If you choose other raw materials, the quality of the plastic tray are also quite different. How much tonnage equipment: choose what kind of machines, production of injection machine are important. Plastic tray and spin box, only mobile garbage bin use big machine production, the quality of the plastic tray will be affected. Technology: plastic tray to use larger machines, the operating large machines should be skillful teacher. Otherwise the plastic pallet product qualified rate is low, disposal rate is large, will directly affect the quality of the plastic tray and productivity.


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