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pending on the environment should be how to choose plastic trash can? The choice of plastic trash can be adapted to their environment.

Depending on the environment should be how to choose plastic trash can? The choice of plastic trash can be adapted to their environment. Buy plastic trash can, want to consider the material and style of trash can itself not only, also collapsible bulk container consider placing plastic trash can process environment and the corresponding personnel. Plastic trash environment is one of the important factor of need, if need to buy outside has the properties such as anticorrosion, compression and shock the trash can. If if is indoor, surrounding environment, family, hotels, schools, should have the corresponding style.
According to the specific environment to choose a new outdoor trash can play the role of environmental protection. In the park, for example, when using, the theme of the park as appropriate as possible, when used on the side of the road, choose plain can be. Traffic where larger volume, simple design, convenient to clean the trash can, trash, convenient for people.
In the outdoor environment using the plastic trash can, in addition to the collapsible pallet box above factors to consider, also need to consider the weight, material, fireproof performance, etc. Buy plastic tray should consider what factors? Environmental factors: the choice of plastic tray material is closely related to the use of environmental temperature, can be in different material of plastic tray the normal temperature range of fair use. Processed foods, for example, the enterprise to consider the temperature, and then select the appropriate material of plastic tray. In the case of environmental humidity, plastic tray is very superior. Some material tray hygroscopicity strong, cannot be used in damp environment. Otherwise, it will directly affect the service life. High degree of pollution, harsh environment must choose pollution resistance, easy to clean tray.
Use requirement: plastic tray using moistureproof waterproof as floor board, the loading of the goods is no longer move, plastic tray when buy tray can choose simple structure, low cost, but should pay attention to quantitative foldable bulk container plastic tray. Need to be repeated use, for use with forklift plastic tray is often used for handling, transport, and transport of goods. Such requirements for carrying capacity of the plastic pallet is very high, so choose to load is strong, big movement of pallets.
Whether stacking: need to stacking goods as far as possible choose double-sided plastic tray, single plastic tray because of only one bearing surfaces, so not suitable for stack, the lower the goods damaged easily. To use plastic tray, stereoscopic warehouse shelves to consider whether the structure of the tray is suitable for shelves. In general, the use of paddy field structure of the plastic plastic bulk containers tray is easy to make the forklift truck to pick up the goods, improving productivity.


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