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With the growing demand for plastic tray, industrial plastic pallet industry development has made great progress

With the growing demand for plastic tray, industrial plastic pallet industry development has made great progress, and to a certain extent, become a barometer of plastic packaging industry development. Due to the new plastic tray from the oil, and the price of oil is rising so as to affect the price of the plastic pallet, it's has brought an opportunity for the development of secondary containment pallet renewable plastic tray and opportunities. Engaged in the regeneration of waste plastic tray is the industry's key granulation equipment. The current environmental pollution-free products are not fully popularization, deal with pollution problems in the process of regeneration is still a problem to be solved.
Plastic pallet industry rapid development in recent years, the use of plastic pallet industry is also more and more. But such a rapid development in the industry of plastic tray at the same time, it is there any problem need to improve? There is, of course, but the pallet industry where we need to improve the problem of tray can give better service to the industry, especially in the logistics industry.
Plastic pallet industry problem: specification problem currently domestic plastic pallet manufacturer specifications of plastic pallet is chaotic, with tray has explicit specifications for different country. So some companies to use international transportation, placed an order for a large number of irregularities with plastic pallet manufacturers tray, this aeriform in increasing the traveler, reduces the competitiveness. Use plastic pallet for now use the wrong way in many industries, especially in the logistics industry, plastic tray throughout the entire system. But due to the unreasonable operation, making the plastic tray can only be used on logistics operation chain, has significant limitations.
Plastic way the role of the plastic tray is important, but due to the bad cycle mode choice for plastic tray, make goods in circulation in the process of use a lot of cost. Common is labor costs, some companies for internal use, can't use the tools, such as forklift trucks can only manual handling.
Plastic tray is used in the transportation industry is a lot of advantages, its plastic pallet price own product structure is reliable, the performance is higher than that of wooden pallets, so that it can be very good to reduce the damage of plastic tray and consumption, the common product under normal use of the fixed number of year is usually in 2 years.


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