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astic tray will be white, yellow phenomenon. Wonder if the quality of the tray has a problem, in fact lead to the original plastic tray

Plastic tray will be white, yellow phenomenon. Wonder if the quality of the tray has a problem, in fact lead to the original plastic tray fade shall be conducted by a lot. Sun: all plastic finished products in use process often sun exposure, can accelerate plastic ageing, fade, including plastic pallets. Toner: plastic tray products, the main material is polyethylene and plastic bulk containers polypropylene, acid-proof alkaline, primarily with the use of toner acid-proof alkaline, resistance to oxidation close correlation. Dye: plastic products used in the production of dye the level of volatility will affect product fade. Production of the main raw material for plastic tray: HDPP and HDPE, injection temperature above 280 ℃, and therefore must be thinking about when picking colorant dye high temperature resistant function.
At present, there exist many problems and contradictions in fruits and vegetables circulation, leading to a high attrition rate, high circulation cost and transaction cost is high. With the continuous development of plastic pallet containers logistics and economy, the plastic tray box has begun to replace the cartons, foam box, etc., become the food industry of fruit and vegetable food raw materials, such as a essential logistics equipment in the supply chain.
Many modern enterprises can use plastic tray, in the daily production, transportation and storage process, the use of plastic pallet is very frequent, and the use of time is very long. Used in a few years later, the customer will be found in the plastic tray to white, yellow, brittle, can appear even crack, performance degradation, and so on and so forth. This is because the product due to aging. No matter what the product is in use after a certain period will appear the phenomenon of aging, to prevent or weaken the aging, prolong service life requires we maintenance in the course of everyday use.
We have no way to stop the plastic tray aging, but with the right maintenance and plastic pallet crates use, can delay the ageing of the tray. Many companies or manufacturers to solve the problem of premature aging plastic tray this, often add some antioxidants in the process of production, to slow down the aging speed, in fact this is not fundamentally solve the problem. In order to make the plastic tray can be durable, is mainly used to properly, can not directly in the sunlight, to avoid the rain, away from heat and fire, less contact with acid and alkali, oil, etc.


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