collapsible bulk containers

The color of the plastic products can directly reflect its material quality, then we in the selected tray plastic folding box

The color of the plastic products can directly reflect its material quality, then we in the selected tray plastic folding box, choose shallow color and luster of tray box, if the quality is very good product, observe its color, we will find that the color of the tray plastic folding box is more dark dumb, low gloss, give a person the sense with a kind of dark. The collapsible bulk containers amount of weight. Start work pressure. Packaging plastic folding box single box bearing (new PP, food grade) in 25 kg - 35 kg, 10 layer stacking design, can meet the needs of most customers. Folding carton and 600 series of large folding box, warm prompt: the more heavy product, the more should choose small folding carton. Choose the right material. Folding carton shall adopt new of modified impact PP material. High and low temperature resistance, through to 55 ℃ low temperature test, as well as 70 ℃ high temperature test. Select the appropriate process. Folding carton existing ordinary injection molding process and auxiliary injection molding process. Compared to normal injection molding, injection gas auxiliary technology product intensity bigger, stronger impact resistance. Of course, relatively speaking, the higher price of gas-assisted technology.
Plastic tray box in the pickup in the link is in commercial use of one of the important logistics equipment, logistics is the warp and woof of circulation pickup form and prerequisites, although there is still a plastic pallet bins considerable number of parts the supplier with the method of cartons as a specification, but along with the advance of spare parts incoming logistics form, by the use of recycled plastic tray box has become the auto enterprises and the preferred logistics service providers. Plastic tray box in the auto parts logistics party advantage is becoming more and more obvious.
Now widely used plastic pallet box with high impact strength of HDPE (low voltage high density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) as the raw material injection. Using the plastic pallet boxes can optimize the efficiency of automobile supply chain logistics, can be completed, including: the purpose of resource conservation and effective application of preventing the one-time packaging waste in the use process;
Anti-static tray box is divided into plastic tray box and tray box two hollow board, anti-static tray box is widely used in machinery, electronics, automobiles, home appliances, light industry and other industries. Its reasonable design, excellent quality, is the enterprise logistics storage and turnover, production and processing of all very applicable, can be used in the electronics components, convenient cleaning, parts of convenience, neatly stacked, facilitate management. Its reasonable design, excellent quality, suitable collapsible pallet bin for factory in logistics transportation, distribution, storage, distribution processing, etc. Anti-static tray box can be, with a variety of logistics containers and location for all kinds of warehouse, production site and other occasions, in the logistics management is the enterprise more and more attention today, anti-static tray box help complete logistics container generalization, integration management, is the production and circulation enterprises of modern logistics management essentials.


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