Cold Drawn Steel Tubes

Cold drawn steel tube with hot rolled pipe production process is different.

Cold drawn steel tube with hot rolled pipe production process is different. When cold drawn steel tube production molding, need through tube process, heat treatment, perforation technology, hot rolling process, the heading treatment, pickling, phosphating, cold drawing process, the annealing treatment, the straightening process, pipe cutting process, and testing finished products, packaging Cold Drawn Steel Tubes processing. While hot rolled tube to tube rocess, heat treatment, punch forming, tube rolling processing, sizing processing, cooling bed, straightening processing, switching process, and final inspection package. Can be seen from the introduction of their process has a certain difference.
Thick wall tube of precision steel tube welding welding tip what according to the application field, precision steel pipe with thick wall pipe general main use and super high pressure high temperature etc, behind a pipe is carbon steel, often must fully consider and deal with in the process of welding in the welding operation form telescopic gap problem and thermal injury zone pipe physical properties Cold Drawn Steel Tubes do not harm after a big shift from welding work. On the basis of thick wall thickness, steel strip produced by relatively thin materials such as steel pipe by using high frequency welding machine, there are some thick wall tube welding welding can be used to maintain the air way; Wall thickness more than 2 mm to specialty argon arc welding of pipes.
According to the precision of steel tube aperture, only one side welding of small diameter, technical personnel to go double pipe welding. Single spot welding requirements are put forward for welding method, can guarantee two of single-layer welding forming. According to the bearing steel ball experiment, cross section according to the features and welding molding conform to the design scheme. As long as the raw material is carbon steel pipe, including carbon steel seamless steel tube of high temperature precision welded tubes resistant, high voltage, hardy, would require the main implement on welding method, prevent austenitic institutions appear crack due to welding and outdoor work. The processing technology, general provisions wire should choose good baking send welders use as required. Before welding on both sides of the oil removal, in addition to water, rust removal, decontamination. Slow cooling after welding, cover good countermeasures, such as with asbestos cloth, etc.


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