Precision steel tubes

If you want to improve the tube rolling speed, must first solve the mill frame of inertia force and inertia torque balance method and the concrete structure

If you want to improve the tube rolling speed, must first solve the mill frame of inertia force and inertia torque balance method and the concrete structure, strength and stiffness of every parts and components as well as lubrication, cooling, service life and so on.
In the produce work pressure processing, forging, welding, heat treatment process, drilling Precision steel tubes produce processing and other processing technology in the whole process, product may form the thermal stress. In most cases, at the end of the processing process, the metal material interior will save a part of the internal stress. Internal stress can be formed workpiece cracks, deformation or the product specifications change, internal stress and improve metal organic chemical specificity, under the residual tensile stress effect especially easy to stress corrosion crack. Therefore, the internal stress will affect the performance of the cold drawn seamless tube or formed products artifacts too early is invalid.
Precision tube production process is more tedious, the status of the production is also good, the performance is more superior, in use is also constantly to give play to the role of come out well, so if precision tube in a way this may be a good steel type.Precision steel tube: hot rolling is relative to the case of cold rolling, cold rolling is below the recrystallization temperature of rolling, and Precision Welded pipes hot rolling is carried out above the recrystallization temperature rolling. Advantages can destroy the ingot casting organization, grain refining of steel, and eliminating the defects of the microstructure, which makes steel group is close-grained, mechanical performance is improved. This improvement is mainly manifested on along the rolling direction, so that the steel to a certain extent, is no longer isotropic body; Pouring formed bubbles, cracks and loose, can also be used in high temperature and pressure are welded together.
Heating is completed, need by water spray cooling, because after the cooling pipe will be straightening, so you can see the basic shape of precision steel tube, the whole manufacturing process is more complex.Those who know nothing but what do the steel precision tube, precision tube is a precision of a steel pipe steel pipe type, its use is very extensive, especially all kinds of precision stainless steel 304 pipes tube performance as well as a variety of purposes are more important to the performance of a precision tube. Precision tube for use to make clear the property of the use of precision tube and various aspects of purpose, achieve the rational use of precision tube. Precision tube is a special situation of steel pipe, also is a kind of good steel, can be said to be also a special precision tube material, usage and market prospect are larger.


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